C++ bug account

After a lifetime purchase, the account started to bug. In the past we would always have the hero selection page before we join a certain level and there we also could change the programming language. But now this page no longer appears - when we click on a level, it goes directly into the game. We tried to then go to the hero selection setting at the bottom of the map to change the programming language out of C++ but it does not work. When we join another level afterwards, it still says that the language is C++ on the upper right corner. Besides that, every time we join a game, the same code appears. It is a mixture of JavaScript and c++. There are also error messages popping up saying that the code given by the game itself has errors. I will include the screenshots, they should explain the situation quite well. Basically we are stuck at the “Game Trove” level in “Game Development” and can no longer continue. Right now when we click on “Kithgard Dungeon” from the map, it is also showing this level on the Kithgard Dungeon map.

Accountname: 99i

ask @nick for info of why this happpens

Try emailing support@codecombat.com or summon using @ support.

This has been resolved via. Discord.