Can I Interview You, Fellow CodeCombat Users?

Hi friends!

I’m a tutor and discovered CodeCombat while looking for approachable ways to introduce my tech-phobic student to coding.

Meanwhile, I’m actually looking to break into a career in tech myself and am currently training in UX Design. My capstone project requires me to interview users of a web or mobile app about their experience using it. Because I’ve already used CodeCombat, I thought this would be a good place to start. When I asked how to get in touch with fellow users, the friendly folks at CodeCombat pointed me in your direction.

So: would anyone be interested in being interviewed and/or participating in a survey about your experience using CodeCombat? Any findings would be forwarded to CodeCombat to help them in future developments, so you’d even be performing a community service! Comment below and let me know!

Thanks, guys!

You could make a Google Form / Survey. Then post, the link. I’m happy to take any survey as long as I can answer it.

same here :grinning:

Great suggestion, guys! I’ll be back on soon with a link to a survey.