[SOLVED]Forum not providing "Higher Love" badge despite fulfilling criteria?

I’ve been trying to like as many posts as I can these days and I’ve hit the limit 6 times already - 5 from this week and one from a while back. I feel that I’m supposed to have the “Higher Love” badge by now but I still do not have it.

It might have something to do with the likes limit acting ridiculously crazy (see this post for more information), but I’m really not too sure.

Can someone tell me maybe why this is? @Serg? @nick?

Hellenar :slight_smile:


It happened to me too once. It granted me a badge that a earned a couple days ago. Wait a few days and see if it pops up.


Yay I finally got it! :smile::tada:
Time to start aiming for “Crazy In Love” and be the first one there! :muscle::smirk::heart:#WeCanDoIt #Motivation