Can you have 2 against 1 in Dueling Grounds? And force opponent's character to ignore code?

Am I missing a special way to play where you can have 2 attackers against an opponent, or is this a hack? There was no chance - and, they somehow negated the code I’ve had which worked reliably in 400-500 matches(for simulations and direct oversight).

Also, characters fighting do not match the fighter displayed in opponent’s avatar.

Suddenly, my player never followed any find/move code nor attack/cast commands, and instead was glued to a single straight path facing outer boundary of game map.

Picture attached…

Can someone tell me if this is right? Seems odd?

JavaScript, Head-to-Head on Chrome BTW, sorry to forget info

Once you’ve reached the mountain levels, you can unlock the boss star which allows you to summon allies to aid you in battle. I’m not sure what’s the issue with the player going in the wrong direction. Maybe it’s trying to move to a non-existent object?

Ah, thank you for that info! That makes sense for the second player! I wonder if both are searchable and independent in the find enemy variable assignment, or if one is a ghosting/mirrored behavior secondary firepower…? My player was only utilizing if(enemy) as qualifiers for this level, no items…though it’s likely I have redundancy in the coding as I’m still learning efficiency to shorten.

May I private message you the code I’ve been running for the simulations for a few days? I’d like an assessment for improvement, but, it is mostly working ok, and I know we don’t want to post answers or too much info for those who are figuring some other things out!

Sure. The “archers” are part of the “enemy” list. DM me the code and I’ll see what’s weird.

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