Cannot Get Into True Name

I am testing this out to see if I want to do it with some students.
I finished the Forgetful Gemsmith level successfully.
Then I got to a screen titled with a big yellow arrow pointing at a belt with a knife.
I can’t pick up the belt, I can’t click PLAY, I can’t drag anything.
In fact, nothing I click on, double-click on, or drag will do anything. I’m stuck.
I cannot proceed to the next level (True Name)

(incidentally, I had no exp or points accumulating either - but I posted that in the appropriate thread)

I logged out and back in. I now have points.
The True Name level is still locked, so I went back to Forgetful Gemsmith.
My code ran by itself and finished successfully.
Now I am back on the same screen, with the same prompt, unable to continue.

Photo of the screen I am stuck on is attached.

It’s the same bug as that other one, where the automatic unlocks stopped working. We are working on some fixes now; hang tight.

I think we have the fix, but in order to get the experience, gems, and items from the levels you beat between last night and this morning, you’ll have to go back to each level and click “Done” again so that it can correctly record your victory. Sorry about that!

i still cant get in to the true name.