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No XP,and Diamon Munchkin Swamp & Village Guard


FInish these two levels but I did not get any XP points, diamonds and items. It keep saying “Started” instead of complete when you hover mouse over level.


Cannot get the flags to go on to the next level.Coinucopia.


I’ve the same problem, I’ve just started and the game doesn’t give me gems or XP when i finish a level and now I’m in a level where I need gems to buy a sword so…


I’m having the same issue. Try logging out and in again. This fixes it for me - temporarily. Then I have to keep logging out and in for every level. Which is highly frustrating. I’m kinda glad it isn’t just me suffering. Fingers crossed a fix is found soon!


I’ve got the same problem, logging out and logging in hasn’t worked so far, I’m a try clearing cache etc.
I get the victory screen but then I never get the gems/rewards and it says the level is only “Started” not completed.


Working on the bug right now, sorry guys. Hang on…


I think we have the fix, but in order to get the experience, gems, and items from the levels you beat between last night and this morning, you’ll have to go back to each level and click “Done” again so that it can correctly record your victory. Sorry about that!


Thanks. That does seem to have fixed the bug for me.