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Cannot zoom into the whole map on some levels


When ever I play on my levels, if it is a large map, it never lets me zoom into the whole map.

Please help?

Everyone knows that playing a level like this is not fun. CodeCombat, work on this!!!

Sadly, I will not make anymore levels until this is solved. I know, I know.


have you tried to zoom with your mouse? You will always zoom in that direction your mouse is pointing at. While code is running you always zoom in on your hero…
If not: Wich browser are you working on. Are u using laptop or PC?


Option 1:
Change you browser e.g. Firefox to Chrome

Option 2:
Try to zoom in with you mouse wheel. Something that looks like this:

Last Option:
While your code it running zoom in on your hero.

Still Unsure?
Ask @nick (One of the co-founders of CodeCombat)


yeah. I tried that but it still doesn’t work. I did this:
But this issue only happens on my levels and if it is a large camp. map, this happens. This seriously needs @nick.
He will receive a notification because I mentioned him in this topic.


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Can you try pressing Ctrl+0 to reset browser zoom to default?