Can't buy ranger or wizard items

I have selected Amara Arrowhead, have enough gems, and an active subscription, but can’t buy ranger items.

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Are you a subscriber?

  1. Amara is free, you unlock her by purchasing a subscription
  2. although I am not a subscriber, I think you have to press save before you can buy them

Yes. @PavlovIvan is (20 chars)

Does this also happen when you try to buy items in the inventory (when you press play on a level and you see all your armour on your hero) when you’re using a ranger? Or is it only in the items page?

Only on the items page.

Don’t know what’s wrong, Nick might be able to help.

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I have personally dealt with this bug. Buy a ranger and a wizard and you good to go.

there’s gotta be a way to fix that though…

The nick is PavlovIvan.

You can try selecting the hero in the level play menu and in the hero inventory, you can purchase the selected class’ gear.


Yes, it works via inventory, but not via items chest.

Will share to the team. :+1: