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Can't enter square brackets in code window


I can’t enter square brackets ([]) in the code window in any level.
This might be caused by me using a Danish OS X Keyboard, which requires you to press alt+8 and alt+9 to enter these brackets.
All other alt+key combinations seems to work and typing {} works perfectly, which requires you to press alt+shift+8/alt+shift+9.

I’m running Chrome Version 33.0.1750.5 dev on OS X 10.9.
This bug also happens when using Safari 7.0, but it works in Firefox 25.0.1.

All the browsers tested had no extensions enabled.


Ah, right, because we turned alt+[ and alt+] into the hotkeys for scrubbing playback forward and backward instead of inserting [ and ]. Hmm.

Do you notice it actually scrubbing playback, or does it just not do anything when you type those?


I just checked it and yes it does scrub the playback when pressing those keys.


Thanks. We’ll think about alternate keyboard shortcuts. (Finding no-conflict shortcuts is like trying to give children names that will be pronounced the same way in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Ukrainian.)


Why don’t you just always include cmd/ctrl (mac/other) as one of the modifier keys required to press for a shortcut?
cmd/ctrl isn’t used to enter an alternate key ever, so the problem should never occur.

Using Windows you have 3 different characters on every key, that can be typed with no modifier, shift and alt gr (IIRC). When Using OS X you have 4 different characters which can be typed with no modifier, shift, alt and alt+shift.

You should never use any of these modifiers as shortcut keys, as it will cause problems like this.