Cant equip programmaticon IV and other items keep changing

It shows the correct items equipped before i start the level, then when I enter different items are equipped. For loops dont seem to work without the book selected.
then when i try to reload the level, book 3 is equipped. same stuff goes for boots, glasses, ect…


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unequip programmation 3 first, then equip 4

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No problem. (20charsmustburn)

i have noticed this bug too, you now have to unequip it first, and then equip the new item

that did it, thanks for the help.

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I have a related question. How do I get programation 4??? I am in glacier and still do not have it or 5!

You should have gotten V from Summit’s Gate, can I see a picture of your items owned?

Yep, one second!!! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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Here, I have already started glacier.
P.S. I have advanced flags, they just aren’t equiped.

Have you completed clash of clones (where you get IV) and summits gate? (where you get V)
And are you sure that you don’t have the books? Maybe they are just buried under your other items.

Here is the problem, I cant see those levels!!!

Wait wdym? Are you in a class?

Yes!!! Maybe that is the problem…

Ah okay and you only have boss star 3, right? Idk what else you could do besides ask to leave the class.

Okay, I’ll try that!!! Thanks!!!

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Oh, and I also need the boss star 4 to complete a level but I don’t have it…