Can't seem to start "known enemy" level

I believe this image is self explanatory. :smile:

I created an account a loooong time ago and haven’t been back since.

You will simply need to go back and complete the level that awards that item again, I personally do not remember which level it was but you may have previously finished it. If you are not too far into the campaign you can just go back to level one and resubmit all of your code for each level. It wouldn’t take long, that is what I had to do myself.

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There is post explain where to find what. Checked pined post.

Is this Internet Explorer? There is a weird bug in this right now where sometimes the achievements don’t work until you reload the page, so if you are seeing it where it hasn’t given you the item or level you need, try reloading.

(Let me know if that was the bug.)

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I think thats chrome

I am also running on chrome and it occurred to me. I had to go repeat a level for programmatic book 2. Not a big hassle but it did confuse me.

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It is Firefox, I will try going back to the start, luckily I’d only done three or four levels.

Seems that the game itself has become far more complex which is actually a shame, but I will have another go!