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Capture their flag doesn't save code



i can’t save my code in capture their flag, i just gets deleted every time i close the game, can anyone here save his code in this level???


It appears that there are presently some server issues going on. I can’t even open this level.



try this link :

as you can see, the code didn’t save


Ah, for some reason my link said “flags” with an “s” on the end instead of just flag. After correcting the spelling I can open it without the “s”.

It doesn’t save code for me either. It did the first time I refreshed, but subsequent tries delete the code like restarting the level.

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Something that’s really strange going on here is that it is restarting the level as if the RESTART button is clicked, but there is no RESTART button in this level like there normally is.

Every other level I’ve seen looks like this:

Capture Their Flag level looks like this:

As you can see, there’s no RESTART button. Exiting the level or refreshing the browser amounts to restarting it from scratch. I’m not sure what’s going on there or why it’s like that.
Something doesn’t seem right though. @maka or some staff will have to take a look at this.

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maybe nick can help.


Not a good idea to summon anyone before Maka. He’s the point of contact for the board.


sorry i didn’t know, thanks for the correction


This level is not really released (no levels unlock it), so I’m not surprised it is behaving weirdly. @nemoyatpeace was working on it and got busy. At some point we might want to polish and release it.


Thanks for the heads up on this level!