Cavern Surival: Help Wanted

How do we solve it? I am in extreme need of help. I use Java.

Alas, I wish I could help. Currently, I am using python in codecombat. I will study some in Java and try to help.

Please post your code. If you do not post it we cannot help you. Also please give more information and format your code according to the FAQ.


All you have to do in Cavern Survival is survive longer than your opponent.


Apparently other people said Not to post our codes.

Only if it’s the correct code. You’re allowed to post code to help, but no solutions.

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You know, it looks like you finished the level, because you have remained silent.

@Seojin_Roy_Lee Are you talking about @ArtemisPJ?

Also, about the code thing, there are two reasons why you would ever post code.

  1. You are the one asking the question. We need your code to understand what the error is. Just saying I have a problem is too broad.

  2. You are the one helping. If so, NEVER post your complete code. However, you can provide them with tips and tricks and point out the error for the person. Think of it as like teaching the concept. You first tell a baby 1 + 1 = 2. Then, the baby uses that concept to solve 1 + 2 = 3.