Changing language without losing current code

Is there a way to switch between languages without losing your current code? I’ve search the FAQ and haven’t found any information. I’d like to try out some of the others, but I don’t want to lose my progress.


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I don’t think there is a way yet. However could be implemented I guess.

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just copy and paste it outside of the app. the modify it to the new language and paste it back in. it’s not like your code would even work in the new language and they clear it to show you the example code for that level in the correct language

Sotonin, think of it as a sandbox where when you switch to a new language you hop into a new sandbox and all your work is left intact in the original. So Kraiven could switch between languages and continue to progress on either one with their work intact.

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Ohh. you want it to preserve your javascript code so that if you switch to python then switch back the js code is still there? I get it. yeah that would be a nice feature

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Exactly. It seems like the only way you can accomplish this right now is by either making a new account or commenting out your code. It would be cool to be able to switch back and forth between languages so I can progress in multiple languages at the same time. So for instance, I’m all caught up on python and was thinking about switching over to LUA. When I change languages in the character select it still has my code from the previous language so in order to try some levels in LUA I must delete or remove the python code, but I’d rather keep is saved there.

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We definitely want to implement this, where you can have saved games or even multiple sessions per level, for different heroes, languages, strategies, etc. But it’s a lot of work, so we haven’t started working on it yet.



  1. I just wanted to check if there’s any news about this subject.
  2. If there isn’t, is there a possibility to export all my existing code into one text file for each level? If played about a hundred and it would be a real bummer having to copy and paste each one into a text file manually.
  3. If this feature doesn’t exist yet, I wonder if it would be in my capabilities to make a script that does that. I’m guessing the greatest challenge would be to locate my Python snippet inside each page’s code and grab it for saving. Any clues about that maybe? Oh, and getting the script access to my files in the first place…

@Support can help answer this. :slight_smile: