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Reset progress. A fresh start


Hello there,

I have a subscribtion as teacher, i played some levels but I want to switch from python to lua. Is there a way to do this in-one-click? I don’t really care about gems or whatever they called, I just need to find a good language to learn code.
But if I delete my account, then resign it up, do I lose my subscribtion/progress?

Thanks in advance


Yes, deleting deletes everything. You can of course simply create another account with another EMail-address (GMail allows you to and play with that. You can possibly even talk with the Codecombat-Team (Nick for example) to find some possibility to carry over your subscription to your new account.

BUT you can also use your current account. When you start a level, open the menu and change your hero you can also select a new language. The editor will then be switched to the new language. You will get a lot of Syntaxerrors because your old code will still be there and most likely be not a valid code. There is sadly at the moment no way to backup code ingame, you would have to save every level-code in a text-file on your computer.

I do not recommend to start at the first level without the possibility to switch to later levels (aka a complete restart) as you already learned the basics. Other languages usually just use another syntax and differ only in more advanced topics (for example Pythons handy list-aggregation). So by skipping the first few levels you can get a good impression of the language quite quickly without fighting your way through the whole dungeon and forest.


Hmm ok. Thank for the information.
I just want to be clear: Deleting my account, then resign does not remove my subscribtion?


It would remove your subscription.

I can also reset your account’s progress so that all your code is gone and your levels are set to Lua using a script. Just let me know what account email you have used and I can do it.