Reset progress. A fresh start

Hello there,

I have a subscribtion as teacher, i played some levels but I want to switch from python to lua. Is there a way to do this in-one-click? I don’t really care about gems or whatever they called, I just need to find a good language to learn code.
But if I delete my account, then resign it up, do I lose my subscribtion/progress?

Thanks in advance

Yes, deleting deletes everything. You can of course simply create another account with another EMail-address (GMail allows you to and play with that. You can possibly even talk with the Codecombat-Team (Nick for example) to find some possibility to carry over your subscription to your new account.

BUT you can also use your current account. When you start a level, open the menu and change your hero you can also select a new language. The editor will then be switched to the new language. You will get a lot of Syntaxerrors because your old code will still be there and most likely be not a valid code. There is sadly at the moment no way to backup code ingame, you would have to save every level-code in a text-file on your computer.

I do not recommend to start at the first level without the possibility to switch to later levels (aka a complete restart) as you already learned the basics. Other languages usually just use another syntax and differ only in more advanced topics (for example Pythons handy list-aggregation). So by skipping the first few levels you can get a good impression of the language quite quickly without fighting your way through the whole dungeon and forest.

Hmm ok. Thank for the information.
I just want to be clear: Deleting my account, then resign does not remove my subscribtion?

It would remove your subscription.

I can also reset your account’s progress so that all your code is gone and your levels are set to Lua using a script. Just let me know what account email you have used and I can do it.

can you please reset my account?Accountname: 99i

You can reset it yourself

Just press on Clear all of your progress and start over button

And your account will be reset.

Would that reset the membership too?

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Have a great time! :partying_face:

If you’re talking about your subscription, then yes, it will reset that too.

You will be able to keep the subscription, and your gems earned from the purchase will be refunded.

But Nick said it would remove the subscription…

It’s 5 years ago. Things have changed.

Oh. I didn’t realize it was that long ago.