Language transition issue

Please have a look at the picture below:

I’ve looked at the other tutorial and it the code looks perfectly fine. However, when I try to write it - it doesn’t work at all.

Now that I think about it - I recalled some problems when I first started this game.

In addition to this, when I’m in the level selection screen, I went to the settings and changed the Language from Python to Lua, however - when I did, all of the levels that I have played before still remains in Python language, and for levels that I have yet to play is turned into Lua

And my API layout looks different from what I’ve seen from others too.

I’ve spent over an hour trying to fix this code and even had to cheat and look up the solution online - none of which worked, so I can only assume it’s a bug.

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You have to reload the code every time you switch languages. It is is the top left hand corner of your screen and it says “RESTART”, Click that and it will reload your code.

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thanks it worked, I can finally play now


Always willing to help :slight_smile:

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