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Cheat in Lost Viking


I’m pretty sure that using Ritic the Assassin and his ability to phaseshift would technically allow you to cheat. What do you think about this?


Yeah, that’s true, but beating the level doesn’t give anything good, and the viking helmet is bad.


But it looks really cool and it’s fun to watch ogres fly across the screen when you bash them.


That is true,monolith one shots a brawler, true.(If you have viking helmet equipped)


Maybe not in Codecombat, but you do get access to Viking Code School for beating the level!


It doesn’t one shot a brawler (500 health). Monolith has 130 dmg. the helmet doesn’t increase the dmg, only the knockback. (I think I tested it before)


Oh, that isn’t that good then.


I don’t believe this is active any longer.


Oh. I didn’t know that. :frowning: