Cheat in Lost Viking

I’m pretty sure that using Ritic the Assassin and his ability to phaseshift would technically allow you to cheat. What do you think about this?

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Yeah, that’s true, but beating the level doesn’t give anything good, and the viking helmet is bad.

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But it looks really cool and it’s fun to watch ogres fly across the screen when you bash them.


That is true,monolith one shots a brawler, true.(If you have viking helmet equipped)


Maybe not in Codecombat, but you do get access to Viking Code School for beating the level!


It doesn’t one shot a brawler (500 health). Monolith has 130 dmg. the helmet doesn’t increase the dmg, only the knockback. (I think I tested it before)

Oh, that isn’t that good then.

I don’t believe this is active any longer.

Oh. I didn’t know that. :frowning: