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(Viking Helmet)


All this time im just now wondering. Does the viking helmet triple the damage of bash or just throw them 3 times farther?


xD, right after I asked you.


Lol well I only found one article on this and they said it only throws them farther. I always thought I was doing damage with it. :laughing:

Was hoping someone would have some solid evidence that its does more damage.:sweat_smile:


hahahaahahahahahahaha, gota do haha 20 times to send it.


I’m pretty sure that it only increases the distance thrown, sadly. That would be awesome if you could just complete that level in the beginning and do 3x damage thereafter, though.


All this time I thought I was crushing these people. :cry:


On the upside, now you can change to a decent helmet without worrying about losing 3x damage. haha


Now that I think about it the enemies probably all laughed at me. They were like what is this clown doing his sword is way stronger. :no_mouth: Then I blasted them with some chain-lightning for good measures because it took so long to kill them.


As you can see it here ( it increases the mass of “bash”. So it doesn’t change damage.