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Checking for usable commands


Hi there:

I’m on the learning Python and I used while (it’s quite similar to how C++ and Java work, I realize) and it didn’t stop me from using it.

If you’ll look at the code at the right, I used the while function and it simply let me. Not sure if this is a bug or not, I was just fooling around to see what I could do.


Yes, I’ve been using While for a while now - never dawned on me that it wasn’t on the documentation. Perhaps it’s a feature or something that got overlooked for Programmaticon III?


We introduce while loops and the break statement in the Programmaticon III, which I need to build right now for the last new Adventurer levels we’re releasing a little later this morning. But for programming constructs like that, you can use them early if you know about them, since it’s kind of fun to mess around like that.


Yay! Unlike some instructors who say you cannot use this…and you can only use the tools covered in chapter 1-3. hahahah.