ChooseAction() spell code is lost

I was playing the greed ladder as an ogre.
But somehow the chooseAction spell code is reverted to the basic version.
How can I access the lost / last spell I wrote.



I’ve gotten in the habit of copy and pasting my code to an external file just in case. There is a recent bug that is preventing some code changes from being persisted.

It’d be great if codecombat could store various versions of the code and even provide the ability to diff. It’d be an awesome way to show the progress up the ladder.

Unfortunately I didn’t do something like that, I was so happy with the current spell, guess I will have to restart then.

happen to me just now too. someone please fix it.

It seems the matches are being played using my lost/last spell code. As my rank moved from > 100 to 15 now. But I am not able to view this code, the original demo code only shows up.

Someone please help me out.

It seems like the ladder only keeps the transpiled source code, which won’t be much help.
Maybe the admins keep the versioned source somewhere but I don’t see an easy way of getting it.

Hi guys,

We just fixed a problem that might have been causing the behavior you mentioned. If you give me a PM with your CodeCombat username and team, I’ll send you your submitted code.

Very sorry about this issue! @nylan’s suggestion of keeping an external file with your code in it is a good idea until we have version control.

Have a great day and let me know any further questions that you have.

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PMed you the details. Thanks.