Loss of my code

First of all hello everyone I hope you enjoy your game and you’re coding hard :smiley: (I also hope I crushed you in the game but it doesn’t matter)

So I created this topic because after I’ve left the game for months I came back to try new things. I was writing my code and I saw the “Reload Original Code” button, I thought it was supposed to reload the latest code saved but it didn’t and gave me the first text we all had. So I was wondering if they were any possibility to get back my code. (Cause I had some difficulty to raise to the top 70 ogres and totally forgot my code)

Thank you.

Hi Masashi! Sorry about that–I’ve recovered your code for you. We are in the middle of implementing the automatic snapshotting and saved game interface now, so it will be much easier to manage this stuff soon.

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Thank you very much now I can (and I will) go on trying to climb the ladder =D

Erm… excuse me again I just came back from the game and I saw that my code still didn’t come back I don’t know what happened

Just privately messaged you with the code; we can keep debugging this there.