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Click on errors


Not sure where to put feature requests, but when you have a error in your code it would be very nice to click on the error to see a definition or how to solve.




That actually would be good idea if someone can add that onto the website that actually would help everyone out.


Giving how to solve a problem would defeat the purpose of coding, wouldn’t you think? And besides, the name of the error, followed by the red-highlighted line, is usually enough to solve the problem.


Or or or or… after like 500 retries you get 5 hints ;-;


I think I have to disagree, people get coaching and feedback specifically to help them improve and having incomplete or non-informative feedback seems counter productive, at the very least an error definition or explanation would help improve understanding.


Very well. I see your point, I was merely pointing out that giving away the solution would be counter-productive, in my opinion.


Agreed, it is less about an answer and more about an explanation for the error.


some of the error messages are very vague . . . but that is actually true of every compiler I have ever had the pleasure to work with.