Make it possible to highlight and copy text from the hints


it seems it will take quite a while to get everything translated into every language. I have noticed that sometimes, the code-hints are translated already whereas the Hints are still in English. Often all translations are missing.

In this case, it might be of help for students etc. , if they coud just hightlight the text in the browser, copy it and paste it into google translate or some other translation servce to get a rough translaten.

Do you think it might be worthwhile to make it possible to highlight texts in the hints section? It might have some copyright issues, so I would understand if that feature is not on the top priority list.

On the other hand it would help people who are not fluent in English to get through the game.



Great idea. @nick is probably in charge of this type of thing so it would be a good idea to tell him about this. :slight_smile:


Hello Hellenar, thanks for your comment. I suppose he will get a notification due to your reference @nick ? Or should I open a github request?
Basicaly I thought I ask others for their opinion as a first step - maybe there is not such a great demand for this feature…
But it would make it somewhat easier to have younger students work on their own. I am, hover not sure how well automatic translations turn out to work for someone who is just learning to code. But it would give at least some more insights, if there is no translation available.
(Learning to code is always also a bit about learning English :wink: )


PS I just received a badge (feeling like back at the boyscouts :wink: ) and learned this way that Nick got indeed his notification. So thanks again for mentioning it. :slight_smile:


有道理!!!(these place is for more then 20 letter)


(which google transloates to “makes sense” :wink: )

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Good idea. I’ve made that change; will be ready later this week.