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Code editor cursor does not stay synced with text


When editing code in the editor, the cursor/caret will become unsynced with the text making it impossible to correct type and edit.


I have had problems like this too.

Solution: refresh the page


Does it happen all the time? Which browser / OS are you using, and does it happen in other browsers on that computer? Can I get a screenshot?

Would love to get this fixed for you!


For me it is not a common occurrence, maybe happen 1 time a week.

Most Common Input Problems are:
Typing is repeated twice - Windows Edge
Random computer key stops working (usually s) - Umbuntu Firefox

Both of these are fixed by simply refreshing the page.
I have had the roving cursor problem, but can’t remember the OS as I just refreshed the page.
I will send a console log next time I see the problem


@rob did we just insert logging for that crazy s- and p-keys disabled problem, or did we theoretically fix it?


We just have the logging. I couldn’t reproduce it again after I added it.