Codecombat class: How does tracking your students with a clan work?

Hi, how would tracking your students with a clan work?

Hello, did you check out the Teachers page?

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Well specifically, how would tracking your students work?

Did you check the “How do I monitor student progress?” and “Private Clans” sections in the linked page?

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Yes, but I don`t really understand it. :hushed:

I’m tracking my students in a public clan right now. Once you create the clan, you’ll have a unique URL to provide to students so they can join. I use Edmodo and another platform to manage student assignments & work, so I posted the link there. One thing we noticed was that students had to first create their account and/or log in to Codecombat before clicking the link to join the clan. If they just clicked the clan link before logging in, nothing happened for them…

Once they are in the clan, you will be able to see their level, number of achievements and most recent achievement. You can even click on the student username to go deeper and see all of their achievements.

Since I am playing through the levels with them, I have an idea of what levels are where. I divided my assignments for them by World. Once all the Kithgard Dungeon Levels are completed, they can turn in the assignment & earn points in class. I check this by going into my clan & looking at their achievements - if Kithgard Gates is listed, they get their A.

So far, this is working well. I’m guessing students can’t access the next world until they complete certain gateway achievements. You will want to be sure you know the student’s username in CodeCombat - otherwise it’s hard to grade! I have them turn in their assignment in our LMS (learning management system) with their username in the comments section to make it easier for me to match Joe Smith up with, say, excaliberwarrior007 (lol). If I don’t know who they are in CodeCombat, I send their assignment back to them in the LMS & they don’t earn their points for the work until they give me their info. I also make a note in my gradebook once I know this, for future reference & to make sure that 2 or more kids aren’t trying to use the same account in CodeCombat (the 21stC method of copying homework!).

This is my first experience using CodeCombat with my students, and seeing how much more detail you get with the private clan & student subscriptions, I am likely to move my students over to this model next semester or next school year (depends on securing funding for this, really). I really love this platform, as do my students. They are 6th graders - 10-11 years old. Two of my top coders are girls, so yeah!!!

Hope that helps - let me know if you’d like more info & I can post screenshots or further explain myself!


Ok thanks @DysonKL for the help :smile: :smile:

By the way, we have made a ton of improvements for using CodeCombat in the classroom using the Classrooms/Courses feature instead of the Clans method, so check it out:

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Screen shot for anyone wondering what the progress tracking may look like:


Thanks man. Can you just join a clan. Because like some people use Codecombat for like computer programming classes. Would I have to be in their programming class to join? OR can just anybody join a clan in CC.

Soooo sorry I replied so late :frowning2:. I’ve just been so busy these past months so my inbox has kinda been backed up.


Anyone can join any public clan. The clans are more about competing in a ladder at the moment, but I know that some offer help to new players with their code.

See the following post’s section about clans for more information.

I would say look at the clans list and if any sound like a good fit, join. You can always message the leader and ask about the clan etc. I don’t know if any of the clans are meeting off line or meeting regularly to talk about coding, but if its a public clan they are open to join.

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thanks a lot! @Harry_the_Wanderer