CodeCombat Discourse Banned Words(If any of you come across more banned words other than feedback and shout out, post it here)

Hey guys so noticed that there are some banned words on this forum that I don’t think should be banned and I wanted to ask your opinion(s).

So the first word that is banned is f.e.e.d.b.a.c.k
I was dm’ing a user about bringing up a dead topic and I hyperlinked a phrase that had fe.e.d.b.a.c.k in it and it wouldn’t let me post because of the word.

The second word that is banned that I have come across is s.h.o.u.t.o.u.t.
Now I really disagree and am confused about why this is banned because when you are choosing the title of your post, it allows you to put s.h.o.u.t.o.u.t in it but if you put it in the actual body of the post, it will not let you post it. It won’t even let you post the word s.h.o.u.t.
I also disagree with this because one of the topics that has been made is shoutouts for everyone at any time. How are we supposed to have a s.h.o.u.t.o.u.t topic but not be able to post the word s.h.o.u.t.o.u.t?

I wanna reach out to @nick, @Bryukh, @MunkeyShynes, and i guess Chaboi_300 to see why these two very popular words are banned.

now watch this i press the create topic button:

Thanks guys :laughing: !
(notice i am putting periods between words to be able to post the banned words

f.a.q-c.h.e.c.k is another one. So is b.a.d.g.e. though I can understand that.
:lion: :lion: :lion:

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feedback shoutout faq-check badge


Why do you all know so many bad words I don’t even see any embedded (except for the faq one maybe)

I wonder why you can say them? I’ve tried it again and it doesn’t work.

yeah I tried to post this

and this happened

Found out the issue with feedback. I banned all f__k words thinking people will use ** to put in the swear words, and it probably banned all words starting with f and ending with k. Same for s__t words. I removed them. Tell me if the problem persists. Also @luke10, don’t mention people other than Stephanie.

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It’s fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Staff members don’t have restrictions for words.

Going to test if it’s fixed or not.
feedback shoutout faq-check badge.
Edit: It’s should be fixed. Please report again if you come across it again.

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Shoutout uses the format s__t(Used for a common swear word many people bypass it using *), so it’s probably why it was blocked. But don’t worry, I removed them.

Ok thanks. Cause I was getting worried that it would be difficult to give shout outs