My School banned codecombat but not the forum

So two days ago one of my friends caught me on codecombat and he
told my teacher and she banned it😱

I dont get why people ban codecombat

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Yeah, it is a learning site. The discourse I can see why, though.


But im confused because they banned codecombat but not the forum doesn’t make any sense.

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Perhaps they did not know about the forum.

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That’s quite probable.

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Luckily I found out a way to get in to codecombat so instead of
you can do :grin:

Unless they use a whitelist -_-

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I’m glad they did’nt block the forum😀(20 chars)

If they did you would still probably be able to use an iframe like this

Hmm, it doesn’t show up

Yeah, But if my teacher finds out that I’'ve been on the forum I’m
probably in trouble

And also, what is a whitelist?

do you know what a blacklist is?

I don’t because I moved here a year ago from Korea(south) and I am still
learning english

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a blacklist is like a blocklist so like a list of blocked websites, which is what your school uses, but some schools use whitelists, which instead is a list of UNblocked websites

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Oh I got it. Thanks🤔

Mate, all I can say is, this was kind of on you. You shouldn’t be playing Codecombat in class.


feel like whitelists would take more time than blacklists.

Yeah, but it would be easier to see what you’re doing.