Codecombat talents

uhhhhhh being 1st in duel & that desert battle thing before peter and jason took my lead from me (btw i was 1st at the same time for like 1 week with ritic) (totally not p2w hero fr)

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I was 3rd in the 11-14 bracket in the equinox cup arena.


I was third in the 14-18 bracket for equinox :slight_smile:
I got mentioned just once at the end lol

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IKR I had stayed up all night coding and got a little downgrade bc I had forgoten to save my old code.

Somethings better than nothing though.

@JustALuke I am pretty sure you are first on Battle on the burning planes:(CodeCombat - Coding games to learn Python and JavaScript)

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Yep, you definitely are!!!

Well those aren’t official arenas so there aren’t many people playing; its much easier to do :slight_smile:
I took over a few others as well. But thanks! :heart:

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Hey, I am first in desert dispute, that has to count for something. :wink:

Now i’m second in snowhold. Also @JustALuke should release the arena on the discord to get more people into it.


Lol if you could post it on there that’d be great… Discord doesn’t cooperate with me for some reason.


I left the discord a while ago. It was just really distracting. Maybe @MarmiteOnToast can do it for you?

well, theres only like 5-10 people playing, so idk about that

I am trying to help it gain popularity…

Now 11. (20charsplaysdesertdispute)

i was 1st in 0-11 in collosus clash and 7th over all

that was fast :skull: (didnt expect luke to respond so fast with the clap but ty)

currently, (@)k_k_javascript , me, (@)riticmaster908 and (@)JustALuke are online.

idk if this is a cc talent (prob isnt) but i speak anime (i speak japanese)

its just called Japanese not anime