Codecombat talents

Whats your codecombat talent?(like anything for example mine is top 10 rank on cavern survival)

my user is Nalfar Cryptor (witch AI)

I was runner up in lava lake clash arena in A.I league

cool do you know anybody with a super cool talent?

also what is your codecombat user?

Same as my user name here

what is your highest rank in an multiplayer arena?

Idk I have not ever really focused on them just A.I leuge which is still a multiplayer arena

oh thats sick, now lets wait for someone else

I think there already is such topic…
Anyway, my best score on a multiplayer arena is #1st place.
Best score in a replayable level is 14 in Backwoods Brawl.

As mentioned on my profile I’m first in Ace of Coders.
I’ve only beaten level 11 in Backwoods Brawl :melting_face:
Also Peter what is your computer made of??? Is it like Nokia but for computing power?

Oh, umm, I was top of desert duel for like a month! Then I was not, because I was too busy to pay attention to it.

Kinda off-topic, but I was completing the level on an MSI Gaming laptop (it’s not my laptop though, it’s my mum’s)

how do you write on your profile in codecombat discourse?

go to the prefrences tab and then go to the profile tab there you can edit it

thanks for your help

I got 2nd in the storm siege tournament without summoning a single unit.

(20 characters

It usually takes less time to kill a unit with a spell than it does to spawn that particular unit, so only using spells gives you an advantage regarding time. I used the extra time to heal my towers and hero, which often resulted in me outliving my opponent.

oh wow
thats awesome

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