CodeQuest 2022 (?)

Hello all,
so, i 've stumbled upon this page

This, from what i understand is a competition using the AILeague season 5 arena.

I asked about this to an admin and they said that this was an event for the Chinese branch of CodeCombat, while the majority of the content says so(the links lead to a chinese version of CodeCombat), some of the things on the website indicated that this is a global event, and not only local to China. (such as the word “global” and the fact that there’s a US timer for the award ceremony)

Now i’ve read a bit about the 2020’s CodeQuest, but in contrast to that, i don’t see anyone talking about the 2022 (present) CodeQuest, from the arena i have seen participants with “cq” in their username, which i assume is indication that they created an account to join.

Does anyone have information about this event? What is the technical details, how to register, or anything? Thanks in advance.

@nick can help you with this!!

Thanks, but i think he’s a bit busy and can’t check the discourse atm, so i’m asking if there’s any other person who knows this event

I know and I am in it! I am from Hong Kong! I first won number 1 in my age bracket in hong kong, then I won number 1 in my age bracket facing contestants from taiwan, hong kong and Macau. After that, I compete with the globe (Not Sure If it is CHINA or the WHOLE WORLD) in codequest. I also have won last seasons tundra tower 0-11 in my SharkyCombat account.

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Venneth, Did you participate in codequest

CodeQuest Now (Using my codequest account)

I didn’t, but can i register? if so, how?

Wow, what a journey i see, congrats on your placements, so i assume all of the participants are from preselected tournaments?

Wow, Congrats!! (20 charcter)

Thanks a lot (20 chars) :grin:

Yes! You are correct! But I do not know how it works for the place you live in

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Ya, I also did codequest 2022 and I came top 5 in my Bracket!!

(Not as good as yours!!)

Yeah, that is true!!

Sorry I came top 5 in my bracket (typo!!)

I don’t know how you can register in you region. But I don’t think you can register now… You can ask other people who know. Thanks for asking

What is your username? Well, Congrats!!! :grin:

It hasn’t ended yet so keep CODING!

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I mean last year 2021 - 2022

But me username is goutham123 (I have not started the arena yet, so I will be trash!!)

We didn’t have codequest last year…