CodeQuest 2022 (?)

Nah, don’t say something bad to yourself, only if you are trying hard, you can be good in it!

didn’t we!!

Then what is this??

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It was 2020 I think (20 chars)

Yeah, I was mistaken!!

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Yeah! Anyways GG on 2020 :slight_smile:

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Thanks (20 characters)

bye! Have a good day !

I coded a bit and I got these results,

8th on HyperX
4th of DerBezt
3rd on Ned
8th on Slayers

But here is the kicker:
101 overall :sob:

WHY is it like this

Please help me!!


Well i hadn’t heard any news about the local selection for CodeQuest in my country(Indonesia), yet it is mentioned on the website.

But then again, i don’t learn code academically so that might be one of the issues of my situation here

The website mentions that you can still register untill September 1st ( the end submission date for the AILeague) which questions the method of “how” to register within the current time periods, again, there’s a lot of ambiguity going on

But some of the questions i have asked have been answered by you, thank you for that!
I guess i just have to wait for @nick to give some response

Again, congrats on your placements @SharkyCombat0, and keep on coding!

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Thank You Venneth Again! But It says for me that the competition ends at September 1st so you maybe have to ask nick. Thanks for asking!