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Coding books for kids


My little son is 9 years old and he’s a big fan of Codecombat. He has a lifetime subscription given to him as a New Year’s present. But it’s hard for me to teach him python. It’s a new language for me, I’m not a coder and I have only a notion of programming from pascal and c, taught long, long time ago in the university. Can you point me to some good programming books interesting to kids its age that can be bought from amazon? Is there something like targeted and appropriate for kids?




There are some options :smiley:


But I learned how to code python myself.


These are also on amazon.


There’s also a book called “Python for kids” here


This is pretty much my favorite thing (for Ruby, not Python), although 9 might be a little young, not sure:


I started it when I was 8.


I checked the book offers and the most exiting is the Ruby one, but alas it’s for Ruby and it’s aimed for older children. I like the idea of “learning through play” and all resources found are more “work” than “play”. I searched books in French and Russian but they were translations from English. We have the left book and

I suppose the right one will be good for his age.


The Scratch book is fun and good as well. Scratch doesn’t teach syntax but it does teach structure and terminology. That basic knowledge transfers easily into other environments. This is why I prefer mBots over Lego Mindstorms with regard to robots. The coding for mBots is Scratch based whereas the coding for Lego Mindstorms is proprietary. The Lego programming may teach logical flow, but there’s no recognizable format for loops, functions, variables, etc., that translates into another coding environment.


I started python when I was 5 and started going to Java, and C++


I intend to get mBot for my son, but his little brother is an ingenious destroyer. Is the robot tough enough? Is your child coding it with mBlock? My son is a 10 fingers adept and he prefers code typing over the drag&drop of Scratch.


mBots are not designed for rough play. Not sure how old the little brother is but if he’s going to be throwing it around, it’s not going to last long.

Yes, my daughter uses mBlock for her robot. There’s a lot you can do with it but if your son prefers writing code than he may not enjoy the Scratch interface.