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Hello J_F_B_M. sorry to talk to you by this way, but i am new here and i am not familiar whit the site. i am from cuba, and for us is to expensive to play your great game from our country and the account i am using is limited. me and some friends are looking for ideas and games for insentivate the new generations in the programing by fun. we already your code from the git hub but we are mising some tools as the mongoDB because we cant download it from our country. we are looking for alternatives to create a CodeCombat server in a local web(that is getting bigger and bigger) so people can play. we also are intrested in colaborate with you cause your proyect was just what we where looking for, so if you or anyone can help us, please contact us. thanks

I’m answering public to stop further misinterpretations:

I am not part of CodeCombat at the time of writing.

I am just a moderator on this forum, relatively good at programming and explaining. I can help with (almost) any level and will happily do so. I can also help you with the level-editor for most small-scale problems. I’m always up for a nice chat, though that is usually done better in the Chat-room.

I can not tell you much about the inner workings of CodeCombat. I always wanted to dive into it, but I always found something more important to do first (like writing my Bachelor thesis). I am not the owner of CodeCombat. I can not discuss any collaboration with you, simply because I am not a member of CodeCombat.

After having said this I’m happy that you like CodeCombat. I think it is a great project, that is after all the reason why I spend my free time on this forum. It is sad to hear that you have problems setting up the environment for your group, but I fear that I’m the wrong person to speak to in this case.
You want to talk to Nick, who is one of the founders of CodeCombat. I will inform him about this topic.

If you can, go to our new Slack-Chatroom. The link is:

I hope that I could help you and that you will also enjoy the ups and downs of programming in the near future.
Greetings, J_F_B_M


Perhaps @nick has something to say about this?

We might be able to do something; I know the internet situation in Cuba is quite unique. Sure, stop by our Slack room and let’s talk about it.

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thanks a lot to you and to @J_F_B_M by the help. i would like to keep in touch whit you for future development. i will take any suggestions for create a space like yours in my local web. i will keep in touch

i can not get in the slack chat room. can you help??

What about ?