Colossus Clash Bug Reports

Put any bug reports about the last Arena “Colossus Clash” here.
Any offtopic will be removed.

sometimes Cronus walks to the nearest edge (like the bottom) and shoots the plasma ball at nothing

Weird. Any match link with such bug? All template units are destroyed on the first frame so shouldn’t be anyone out of the map.

ah i can not find this anymore (must of bin my comp lagging)
but hyperion sometimes shoots at nothing.
just like 2:30:00 in this.

(this is a fight vs me(dreadthief125) and dg74)

I have all losses. But when I go to the battle button, it says success. Im also in literally negative place :sob: Might be because I suck.
Screenshot 2021-12-02 1.33.25 PM

Screenshot 2021-12-02 1.34.23 PM
Screenshot 2021-12-02 1.34.14 PM

Edit: Tried to change my code and I have a while true loop and it wont spawn the units I want.

Edit 2: I found a not very effective way to fix this, pretend this doesn’t exist!

Under the choose method, I have

def choose(place):
    return {
        'B': 'Hyperion',
        'C': 'Talos'

but my side only spawns Atlas.

Never mind the default code was just weird

Yep the sample code is a reason and not the capital case in names :wink:


We noticed the headhunter has no “position” property, as well as “x”, and “y”.
Accessing these gives us ‘undefined’ and breaks the code.

This is JavaScript.
We tried to print the properties of the object like this as well:

            var str = "";
            Object.keys(headhunter_unit).forEach((prop)=> str = str + prop + ", ");

This what it prints, though we are not sure if this works correctly. It does not have position attribute:

|Izanagi’s Cyril| Ogre Headhunter Unit
|Izanagi’s Cyril| world, spriteName, id, trackedPropertiesKeys, trackedPropertiesTypes, trackedPropertiesUsed, components, exists, setExists, stateless, acts, actionActivated, action, chooseAction, setAction, addActions, act, canAct, canAction, getActionName, getCooldown, findCooldown, isReady, resetsToIdle, actionHeats, actionTimeFactor, actions, contextActs, hasChangedCurrentEvents, addCurrentEvent, on, trigger, off, once, findEventAether, configureHandlerGenerator, update, processNextEventThread, validEventTypes, currentEvents, eventHandlers, eventQueue, eventThreadAetherStack, contextHasEvents, isAttackable, damageMitigationFactor, initialize, takeDamage, die, revive, methodChains, maxHealth, healthReplenishRate, health, damageReflection, damageReflectionRange, hasRotated, rectangle, ellipse, getShape, isGrounded, isAirborne, contains, distance, distanceSquared, distanceTo, distanceToValidateReturn, getNearest, findNearest, intersects, rotation, pos, width, height, depth, shape, volume, dragArea, contextPhysical, significantProperty, getFriends, findFriends, hasFriends, getCombatants, findCombatants, findCorpses, getEnemies, findEnemies, hasEnemies, getEnemyMissiles, findEnemyMissiles, getFriendlyMissiles, findFriendlyMissiles, getNearestFriend, findNearestFriend, getNearestEnemy, findNearestEnemy, getNearestEnemyValidateReturn, getNearestCombatant, findNearestCombatant, team, superteam, allianceSystem, contextAllied, collides, updateCollisionFilterBits, createBodyDef, cancelCollisions, restoreCollisions, createBody, destroyBody, beginContact, fixedRotation, mass, collisionType, collisionCategory, isBullet, restitution, collisionSystem, bodyDef, fixDef, body, originalCollisionCategory, addEffect, updateEffectNames, applyEffect, updateProperty, operate, updateEffects, hasEffect, undoEffectProportionally, effects, effectNames, hasEffects, basePropertyValues, effectSystem, scaleFactor, scaleFactorX, scaleFactorY, isSelectable, inThangList, startTrackingGold, trackGold, hudName, hudProperties, say, sayWithoutBlocking, sayWithDuration, clearSpeech, voiceRange, cooldown, silent, labelStyle, voiceRangeSquared, contextSays, hear, hearingRange, hearingDelayMinimum, hearingDelayMaximum, hearingDelay, target, targetPos, setTarget, setTargetPos, setTargetXY, trackTargetPos, getTargetPos, _allTargets, trackedFinalProperties, contextTargets, isMovable, hasMoved, manageFrustration, endMultiFrameMove, move, moveXY, follow, locomote, maintainsElevation, brake, calculateDrag, calculateRollingResistance, maxSpeed, locomotionType, maxAcceleration, dragCoefficient, rollingResistance, currentSpeedRatio, nonferrous, pathRefreshCounter, moveThreshold, velocity, aiSystem, contextMoves, block, finishUnblocking, unblock, type, apiProperties, apiMethods, equips, attackDamageFactor, maxHealthFactor, inventory, inventoryIDs, inventoryThangTypeNames, canSee, getVisibleThangs, getByType, findByType, findNearestByType, getFlags, findFlags, findFlag, removeFlag, pickUpFlag, addFlag, findHazards, visualRange, seesThroughWalls, visualRangeSquared, visionSystem, alwaysIgnoresLineOfSight, contextSees, canAttack, getAttackMomentum, clearAttack, updateAttack, attack, attackPos, attackXY, attackNearestEnemy, chaseAndAttack, updateDefend, defend, adjustDefendInterceptForFormation, attackDamage, attackRange, attacksWhenOutOfRange, complainsWhenAttackingOutOfRange, chasesWhenAttackingOutOfRange, attackMass, attackZAngle, attackMovesIncrementally, usesRangedAttack, contextAttacks, findsPaths, getNavGrid, isPathClear, findPathIgnoreHazards, spawn, componentsForThangType, requiredThangTypes, spawnPools, performAttackOriginal, performAttack, configureMissile, missileThangID, missileThangType, lifespan, expiresOnDeath, allies, allAllies, stateChanged, buildIndex, builtBy, attackCooldown, opponent, color, startsPeaceful, hasAttacked, intent, future, rollingResistanceCalculatedOnce, previousAction, path, lastTarget, shiftPastRight, shiftPastLeft, shiftPastTop, shiftPastBottom, locomotiveForce, hasTrackedPos, hasTrackedRotation, _state, missileComponents, missileSpriteName, lastMissileShot, waitingToUnblock, waitingToUnblockReturnValue, isThang, destroy, updateRegistration, publishNote, getGoalState, setGoalState, getThangByID, addComponents, addTrackedProperties, keepTrackedProperty, addTrackedFinalProperties, getState, setState, toString, createMethodChain, appendMethod, callChainedMethod, getMethodSource, serialize, serializeForAether, getLankOptions, grabColorConfig,

Please help.

stephan yashin?
or one of his sibs
btw i recomend not to use headhunters but instead warlocks or shamans.


Warlock or shamans might be better but headhunters, once used, break a lot of people’s code - everything that calculates based on unit positions.

like reddragon9’s strat
lag them out with insanely long code

ah gg
im dreadthief125

Sorry, I should remove them earlier. So they are “artifacts” and should not be in the battle. So I’ve removed them to be sure their API wont ruin your code.

Cool, I see “Headhunters” are completely removed from the game.

Perhaps for this kind of change, an announcement would be ideal. For guys, like “Ehuang-TCSSM3” who solely use them.

Headhunters aren’t in the docs and I mentioned in the previous arena that they are “bug”. However I agree and put it in notes. Thank you

Makes sense now, thank you!

Mirrored coordinates still aren’t working. For example:

One is with me versus TBird09, and TBird09 versus me(which should be the same thing). The games are quite different.

Mirrored coordinates work, mirrored matches aren’t ideal of course, mostly because the collision system can affect units differently especially when they are spawned in the same time at the same point.