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Completely New To Coding


I am completely new to coding and was wondering what advice you more experienced coders would give to someone just starting out. Tips?, Tricks?

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Learn from your mistakes :wink:

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Don’t be afraid to Google/StackOverflow everything

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Now why didn’t I think of that Gibbs slaps self

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Thanks, now I gotta Google “StackOverflow” too lol


lol, whenever you have a coding problem, the first result is usually a StackOverflow post :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I get the concept…It’s like yelling at the waiter for overfilling your coffee cup

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Get a pastebin or github account to store your chunks of code that you use repeatedly.

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Awesome, thanks for that piece of advice MunkeyShynes. I am sure that will come in handy :slight_smile:

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Plan the solution and draw what you want it to look like when you run it, then write your code using that drawing to guide you. :wink:

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Play a lot with your code

ask yourself how you can simplify things and make your code more clear

Try to make as much functions as you can to keep your main code nearly empty.
Re-use your functions in other levels when you need.

if you don’t know what is a function yet don’t worry you’ll learn it soon enough.

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That’s actually what I have been doing when a code confuses me. I actually write it down and break it down. having a visual aid is actually a big leg up for me. Helps me focus on individual parts. I’m beginning to realize that having a well detailed outline designating those parts is going to be the key to coding. Well, that and understanding the actual language.

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I have a notebook right next to me when I log on to CodeCombat. I am constantly writing things down for later use. Sometimes I find myself constantly tearing out pages, crumpling them up and throwing them across the room in frustration. Half the time the errors I find myself making is the same one, alignment!!

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