Feeling hopeless in Computer Science 5 (Feedback)

It’s been a struggle going through Computer Science 5, and I feel like I never know what I’m doing. I’m not completely sure of the natural order of the levels, but I entered Computer Science 5 directly after Computer Science 4 in my class. When I was in Computer Science 4 and the previous Computer Science levels, I felt like I was able to figure out the solution through hints and context clues, but now I feel like I won’t be able to figure out the solution to any levels without looking it up.
I feel like the comments don’t make it clear enough how to use the indexes, and I end up just getting stuck on every level. I can reach a general conclusion on how to reach a solution, but it’s always off by a little bit, forcing me to look at the discussions or a Github solution. The problem is, doing this doesn’t help me learn, and I can’t use the information from previous levels to figure out the next level’s solution.
Maybe it’s just burnout, but it’s getting harder and harder to confidently continue through the levels in a timely manner.
Sorry that this feedback isn’t very helpful, I’m not really sure of how to make it better without knowing the code behind it.

I can’t relate since I had coding experience prior to CodeCombat, but I can recommend that before looking at discussions for example code or looking on Github for solutions, you could use stack overflow (search up your question on google though, with ‘stackoverflow’ at the end) for answering syntax problems or you could use JavaScript/Python documentation for what some functions do (note that some things from the Python docs don’t work in CodeCombat since it uses a compiler)

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I felt the same way previously. I was able to understand it better after doing a free tutorial on codewithchris.com and studying math on khan academy. Those resources helped me monumentally.


Thanks for the help! I do kinda wish I could learn it on Codecombat alone, but it is what it is.