How to ask help for code seen on the internet

Analyze the code and separate what you don’t understand. Ask for help only for this part of the code and explicitly mention that you are not its author.
A very good example of how this is done in which the author himself does explain his code:
Explanation of complex yet beautiful code in Javascript?


Agreed. :+1: This also applies to non-code areas too, taking other’s work and showing them off as your own is strictly plagiarism. If you’re truly stuck on one level, I encourage people to take a look at other’s code, but instead of copy/pasting, you check what you did differently that make the code not function correctly, and what you could do to make it work next time you see something similar. I also encourage restarting the level after you’ve seen and compared your code, to see if you actually got the concepts or not. Well written @xython


Especially he just busted someone haha (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)
~ Orb