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Cooldown for attacking


I would like to be able to give my wizards the ability to check the cooldown for their attack, is this possible currently? If so, how do I do it? I have an archer running around and would like to know if I can fire or not before I select my command.



There’s the getCooldown method you can add. If you’re checking your own cooldowns from within chooseAction, though, it won’t work because chooseAction doesn’t run during a cooldown, except if your’e doing an action-specific cooldown that’s longer than the general cooldown (think a shrink or terrify spell). Thangs should be able to call getCooldown('some-action-name') on other thangs if getCooldown is part of their API in the programmable.HasAPI config.


So, getCooldown(‘attack’) doesn’t seem to work, but chooseAction does run while I can’t attack. My bow has a cooldown of 0.6 seconds. Or is that an example of something I can’t check?


Hmm, maybe something’s not working properly. What makes you think chooseAction() runs while you can’t attack? That should only happen if you explicitly set a specificCooldown longer than the cooldown for the attack action.


I guess I just assumed that chooseAction() was running. I guess the idea is that shooting the bow takes 0.6 seconds? So once you decide to attack it will take that long before you can do anything else. If I wanted the wizard to be able to tell the archer to do something in that time, I’d need to set specificCooldown = 0.6 and cooldown = 0.4 (or something less than .6), correct?


Ah it seems the code snippet I posted in the other thread did not work correctly then. In my defence, it is hard to see how long things take if they are all smaller than a second, and I didn’t have :).


Yes, and then the archer could use if (getCooldown('attack')) === 0 to see if she’s ready to attack again.



this.say(this.getCooldown(‘jumpTo’)); with single or double quotes always equals 0 for me.


Even right after you jump? It should be zero when you are ready to use the jump.


Gold Rush with Javascript


Before, during, and after the jump, he says “0”.


Oh, I just realized that it’s getCooldown('jump') for that one. That’s an older API; the new findCooldown would have given an error (it’s the same except it does error handling), so for the new hero levels, it would catch that.