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Cougar, raven , and wolf. What are their differences?


What is the difference between the three. They do the exact same things???


Wolf Fetches Items, Cougar can Speak, and I believe the Raven can tell you your coordinates (at least from what I’ve seen on Lost Viking)?


I think all the pets can fetch?


The Wolf, Cougar, and Raven will each have their own unique abilities shortly.

Currently, the Raven can fly over obstacles and pick up items. Otherwise, dog people can pick the Wolf and cat people can pick the Cougar. :slight_smile:


what kind of obstacles because the wolf/cougar can go through traps


Stuff that actually blocks movement, like fences or rivers.


O, thank you. So it can go through like walls, and stuff


It can’t go over walls like Dungeon Walls or Trees.


How about caverns in sarven desert or ice in kelvintaph and cloudrip


And can it talk or attack? Because if it can attack, I might get a subscription to use it.


They cannot attack.

But, in the future they will be able to do things like slow enemies and empower your hero.


Also, as we can see from the baby griffin, flying pet can fly over caverns and get stuff for you!


But it has not released!


It’s probably an old version of the pet. The new version is coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled! :smile:


Raven = best pet ever! It us the best pet