Criss Cross Code lost

I don’t remember clicking on “Reload original code”, but my code is gone now (Criss-cross). Now every of my win matches I watch becomes a lose…
Thank you very much.

Sorry to hear it NgoKimPhu, could you point me to your level session and I’ll check it out?

I was at Hard level. Thanks.

@NgoKimPhu Are you sure you are signed into the same account as you were previously? I see no submitted Criss-Cross sessions for user account KiPu (which matches your Discourse email). Is there another email you would have used, or do you know what your username should be?

Thanks for answering.
I used only 1 account via Facebook, and if I haven’t submitted any code I wouldn’t have achieved a score of 3942.0865927021828 then.
Ok, nvm, that code is, anyway, temporary and I was planning to implement a different approach.
Once again, thank you very much for caring. All the best!!!

Oh, there I see it–I don’t know why I missed the code before. I’ve restored it now. Sorry about that!

Thank you very much, boss!