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Criss Cross code not run on second turn of each round


Hey so I’m not really sure what’s up but the second turn of each round, my code fails to run. It runs every other time without any problems.

After I end turn 0, I get a debug message:

"Loaded 10 of 3000 (+1202ms)" 

and my code doesn’t run on that turn. This is happening consistently on the second turn of each round, so turns 1, 8, 15, etc. I get similar messages on these turns, where it says "loaded x of y (+z ms).

I specifically have a debug statement at the beginning of my code used to track the turn number, and I just don’t get anything on those turns. So it’s not that my code is taking too long to run or I’m reaching an execution limit, it’s just completely failing to run.

Anyone know what’s up with this? On every other turn in round 1, I made a legitimate bid that was tracked.


FYI this is a game breaking bug for me. I’m completely unable to compete because I can’t implement my strategy correctly when I’m unable to make any bid.


Hey darksteel, I’m collecting all the debugging information about the Crisscross bugs that people are encountering and putting them into this Github issue: Really appreciate the detail and we will be fixing this soon!


darksteel, are you hitting the soft execution limit on the first turn of each round, by any chance?


Wouldn’t that occur on turns 0, 7, 14, etc? My code is running on the first turn of each round, but not on the second turn. If hitting some sort of execution limit on turn 0 would affect my code run on turn 2, then I would suppose that would be the case. If so, I find that no error code given is very poor. For someone like myself, I’ve had about 8-9 days where I couldn’t work on this and had no idea from the client itself why this is.


If that’s what’s happening, it should say “Exceeded per-call execution limit with #{justUsed} / #{method.executionLimit} statements.\nYour code will run less often to compensate.” Do you see that message?


No I never saw that message. The message I typed in the first post was the only message I got between two successful turns.


Does it do it against all opponents, or just a particular opponent? Also, can you check the total statements used with this command in your browser console?

> currentView.tome.spellView.spellThang.castAether.metrics
Object {callsExecuted: 26, maxDepth: 1, statementsExecutedThisCall: 561820, statements: Object, statementsExecuted: 10916817}