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How to submit bug/exploit privatly


How or where I can submit a bug privately that can be exploited for almost guaranteed wins (Criss-Cross)?

I would prefer you have a change to fix it before others can exploit it. :smile:


To clarify, are you currently using this exploit in the tournament?


No, I don’t. I prefer winning with fair play. :smile:

And in case you are wondering if someone else is using it, keep an eye out for lots of unexpected No Bid’s
(I haven’t seen one using it yet, and prefer to keep it that way, hence my initial question)


Hey Mortimer, please send that along to us directly with subject line “Crisscross Exploit” nick@codecombat Nick is a bit under water at the moment with bug fixing, but I’ll make sure he sees it. We will be pretty interested to see the exploit, as will Michael (since he designed the level).


You’ve got mail :smile:


Thanks Mortimer, I’m on it.