Dappervolk Chat

If you guys have not heard of dappervolk then use this link to log in :3

If you guys have then add my account DarkLegendz as that is my chatting account my main account I do not talk to anyone on but it is NEONWOLF hope you enjoy this game and I have to admit it is really fun and there are many things you can do :3

If you use the link you will start with some items if ti asks you to put a referral name then put the name NEONWOLF then I will get a notification that you made an account and I will send you guys some special items to help you get started :> the quests from the npcs will pretty much teach you everything you need to know about the game if you are still confused on the game use the forum here to ask me or the forum on there :3 they are very nice people and will be glad to help. Do not be afraid to explore the site and figure it out in your own way. Good luck!

I feel like no one is interested :<

@Deadpool198 I don’t think anyone wants to play with me so you can go ahead and close this please

ima play but i just joined soooo

You have not made a character yet lol

wait I have to finish homework