Detecting a cloud in Solar Skirmish

I’m trying to teach my turtle to detect a cloud, but the response from hero.findShadows() doesn’t get me what I expected. While getSolarMap gives a two dimensional array of current solar panels, the findShows response is a list of shadows with x, y and lifespan. The x and y don’t seem to line up with the shadows I see on the map, but then the print() statements look like they get run all at the beginning while calculating the frames and aren’t played at the same rate as the animation frames so I may be misaligning the visual state of the shadows with the code state.

So, is there an established way to detect if there is a shadow at a given coordinate? Or an explanation as to what the x, y and lifespan count for? If I knew how those values were used and the dimensions of a cloud I might be able to workout if I was about to enter one.

Note I have tried probing for other properties on a shadow, but everything I try comes back as a protected property, and I can’t find any more docs than the one where you click on the command name in the bottom right of the Solar Skirmish view