Topic for Solar Skirmish

Topic for Solar Skirmish because it went live :slight_smile:


There is this bug where mercurym fills in his giant rectangle and I am in it. Then my robot stops placing solar panels over his and just walks around on them.


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Is this the arena with code quest? :fearful: :fearful:

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This is intentional, since creating a tile inside a filled rectangle is the tile being inside an outline of enemy solar panels, the game will fill it back in, to retake over, you need to fill them from the outline,

However if you have suggestions regarding this feature, you can let me know


CRAP you beat me to making the topic

@mercurym sorry for pining but, I want to ask you a question. How do you detect the opponents solar panels? Because when I looked at the battle between me and you I saw you almost immediately going over the solar panels I had just put down.

i do not have any code that has solar targeting…

nvm, but what do you do anyways?

@mercurym sorry to disturb, but i joined the discourse because i became top 10 on solar. I have a question however. why cant i move 0.5 spaces(1 cell). it just automatically does 2 cells, not 1.

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For a split second . . .

i dont get it(20chars)

So basically for now, you can only move 1 cells not .5.

ohhh u were 2nd place…nice. I was 9th place but got kicked down

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alr (20 charssssssssss)

As Venneth said their might be a chance for .5 cell movements if he expands the border

hopefully he does (20)

bruhhhh im 19th place even thought i can beat the guy above AND below me