Beta Test "Solar Skirmish" Arena

Robot turtles (or soon to be) are competing to get the most solar energy from the sun.
The Beta Test for Solar Skirmish is live!

As this is a beta test, anything might be changed,
Feel free to post bugs, suggestions, or anything related to the arena here


I can’t seem to play it for some reason. Every time I try to it gives me this error.


Ah, oof, hmm I just published it, I think it might take some time until the data transfers to the live CoCo server, meanwhile, try the direct version of CoCo, CodeCombat - Coding games to learn Python and JavaScript

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Still did the same thing

Hmmm, you can try again in a bit of time I think, oof sorry for that, sometimes it takes some time until some levels are fully published

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alright. I’ll just try it after school then

I’m experiencing same issue of error loading from server (shown above).

I’ve tried entering as both Python and JS.

Should be playable now
Also fixed a bug where the robot turtle will stop moving if its not given any command ( it should continue moving)

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Oooo areana looks fun

how can we move to the item’s position?

Tried using hero.x, but doesn’t work?

This should be fixed, this is caused by the items not having x and y property

To use the moveUp, moveDown, etc…
you put down a number indicating how many steps do you want to take
moveUp(2) will move 2 steps ahead
(a step here is 4 coordinate points, so moveUp(2) willl move 2*4 coordinate points upwards)

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-Added new ability hero.ability("waterGun")

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-Fixed the solar shape fill mechanism, it should now fill encapsulated areas with the correct solar panels now


Nice, I see some progress with the AI’s are coming in. :slight_smile:


Bronze AI is higher than Gold AI?

Error when finding shadows

Should be fixed, thanks for the report!

Yeah, they are fluctuating a bit, I’m still writing the code for them, it’s been a while since I joined the AILeague as a player :sweat_smile:

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The AIs are taking over :joy::joy::joy:
Screenshot 2024-04-25 12.56.55 PM

That’s what happens when veneth codes them he doesn’t know what easy code means XD

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