Did socerer's end yet?

The tittle says the question

It ends at midnight PST I think

thank you (20 chars)

I think it just ended

It didn’t cause people are still ranking their game

I asked codecombat a few days ago and they said it ends on August 31 11:59 PM UTC

For codequest 2020, it ended at 11:59 PM PST, same with infinite inferno

Ok now the socerer’s leaderboard is all over the place now, is that cause it ended?

Definetly. The page isn’t loading

The codecombat server isn’t responding either, all the pages are wierd and the css isn’t loading

Also good job on getting the top three again Shininglice

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Did it end? Or is it a server bug @nick

It is back to normal to me

Its probably a bug then.

It’s midnight PDT, so a few hours to go yet. You can get a live countdown on the tournament-specific version of the page I just added: Sorcerer’s Blitz Tournament

Results will be posted perhaps as early as September 7.