Does resetting progress clears your gems?

I previously maintained a monthly subscription but have since discontinued it. I am now considering the prospect of resetting my in-game progress. I am inquiring whether the gems accumulated during my subscription period will persist following the reset. Additionally, I seek clarification on the accessibility of subscription-exclusive levels that I had successfully completed prior to the termination of my subscription, with the intention of revisiting and replaying them at a later point. Prompts and comprehensive responses to these queries would greatly assist me in making an informed decision regarding the proposed reset of my in-game progress. @nick @Chaboi_3000

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all the gems you got from the subscriptiune will not be reset but ones obtained by normal play will be reset

Thank you, but what about the subscription levels I play before? Because I was using a monthly subscription instead of a lifetime one

They will stay completed but you will not be able to use them (actually for some reason after my sub ran out i was still able to access those levels for several months )

I mean after I reset my progress, will they remain playable?

Oh idk i have never reset my game but have heard from other people

also after awhile they will become unplayable anyway and it will just tell you that you need a sub

Okay I got it thank you.

Yeah I had that recently happen to me as well. It also removed my ability to equip the Blue Fox, as well as buy any subscription heroes. There might be a set time or something after you buy a subscription that you will still have access to such items, and resetting might ruin it.