Reset progress without loosing gems?


I would like to reset the progress of my daughter. She got a lifetime subscription.
So, I would like to reset her progress, but I don’t want her to loose the gems earned through the subscription (I believe it was something like 40k gems).
So, I would like her to start anew as if we just created a new account and got a lifetime subscription.

How can I do this?


Hi Welcome to the Discourse @svaningelgem :partying_face: :partying_face: its not possible to restart your progress and not loose any gems, if you don’t want her to loose the gems than I suggest you to create a new account, if theres any issues feel free to ask :slightly_smiling_face:.

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If I create a new account, I will need to pay again for the subscription. That doesn’t sound right to me?
I don’t mind her to loose the gems from the completed levels, just not the ones that are included in the subscription package.

Is that possible?

No sorry but if you reset you will still get the 3.5k monthly gems.

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Strange, as other answers on this forum suggest otherwise.
I thank you for your assistance Ufy, but how do you rime this with these answers:

==> Seems to keep gems too?

I just want to make certain, and your reply confuses me with other info on this forum :frowning:

Actually, any gems that are ‘paid’ for will be retained. This implies that subscription gems, which you bought, will be retained. However, I don’t know this for certain…let’s ask and find out. If @Chaboi_3000 or @stephanie are not able to answer, then emailing should help.

@weary the 3.5k gems are only provided when subscribing month by month. When you do the lifetime, you get a years worth all at once and then automatic gems are done.


Sorry if I confused you, my answers are based on the replies in the forum or from personal experience, you can try what @dedreous suggested.

Hello @weary, thanks a lot. I did as @dedreous suggested and all progress was reset, and I got 42.000 gems.
So for anyone looking for this same answer here: reset works fine and keeps your paid-for gems. All other stuff (equipment, earned gems, level progress etc) is gone.

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Hi @svaningelgem sorry for the late response I was busy with school work and to answer your question I reseted my progress before, after reseting I don’t have any equipment or money left so your have to slowly get everything again.

All purchased gems will be returned but any gems earned via playing the game will be reset.