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Restarting all your progress questions


i have a question about redoing your progress, if i redo my progress will i still be a subscriber,
will i still have all my things,
and will i still have unlocked all worlds i unlocked?

thanks to anyone who answers my questions.



Wait a minute. @maka

no, no and no.


Hi there,
@Seojin_Roy_Lee was close. It’s actually yes, no, and no.

If you use the reset progress option located on the Settings page, you will lose ALL earned xp, gems, items.

All levels will be locked (except Kithgard Dungeon, the first level). Gems earned through premium access (either the bonus monthly or lifetime gems) will be returned to you.

You will still be a subscriber – that’s not directly connected to progress.



are you sure?

have you reset your progress?


no, should I try? (20)


It’s your choice @Seojin_Roy_Lee.


Ok, then I won’t try.


Why did you want to reset your progress?


I was answering to that.


i did it and i am still sub but all progres is gone:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


thanks it worked